Are you thinking about starting the adventure of living while you travel with your online job? Are you really looking forward to it but you don’t know what city you should begin from? If so, don’t stress out. From TripWoman we would like to to recommend you six of the best female-friendly cities in the world for digital nomads.


The Mecca for digital nomads. Chiang Mai is, with no doubt, an attractive city for any traveler due to its very good quality of life and its cheap prices. If you like mountain, yummy food, nice people, meditation, good vibes, and, besides, everything at low cost, Chiang Mai is probably a perfect city for you.


The second most popular city for people who love traveling with their online job. Ubud is synonymous of tranquility, meditation, yoga, rice fields, temples, waterfalls, charming local people… A paradise at more than economical prices. It is also a super safe place for women. Do not forget to rent a motorcycle and explore the wonderful island of Bali from end to end!


The city of Latin America with the most presence of digital nomads. What was once one of the most dangerous cities in the world, has undergone tremendous transformation over the past 10 years and is now a place for creatives and entrepreneurs. With a warm and stable climate, a cheap cost of living and many places to work from, it also has a community of expats and remote workers that grows exponentially.


Budapest is one of the European cities with the best quality of life at low cost. It is beautiful, it has a lot of places to work from, there is an entrepreneurial and remote workers scene that does not stop growing and is in a great place to move around the rest of Europe. If you are thinking of living on the continent but at much cheaper prices, this is your place.


Although it is not one of the most economic cities in the world, Barcelona has everything a digital nomad girl could ever want. It is safe, food is incredible, it has a lot of coffee shops and co-working spaces to work from, the weather is warm most of the year, it has a beach, there is a very, very cool entrepreneurial scene and an already formed community of digital nomads. You could never get bored in Barcelona.


Berlin, cradle of startups, is one of the most crowded European cities of digital nomads. Cosmopolitan, developed, open minded and with a great cultural offer, is a very good option for those who want to live in the center of the European continent. Maybe it is not one of the cheapest options to live but, due to its climate and its long distances, it is a great place to carry out your online projects.

Now you know which are the 5 best cities for digital nomad women. Tell us, have you been to any of them? Would you like to visit some soon? Tell us in the comments!

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