TripWoman team

Our Awesome Team

TripWoman is a community for women, made by women. Our founders are two Spanish travelers living in Berlin.


Tania Picado

Founder & CEO

Passionate traveler and truly itchy feet. Market research and PR


Born in Almeria, Spain. As truly itchy feet, after her formation in international trade management and market research moved to UK and Berlin. In the last years she went all over Europe and Asia and has been active in online groups for women travelers. In this way, she saw how to improve female solo trips. Besides this she has a inner talent for communication and has been active in terms of female empowerment, animal rights and environment.


Becky Jaraiz

Graphic designer & CMO

Half robot half backpacker. Graphic design, web design and art direction.


Born in the Valencia, Spain. Always creative and curious finalized her fine arts degree and specialization in web design abroad. There she discovered her inclination for new technologies and backpacking. She lived in several cities in Europe and traveled all around. She was also in online groups for women travelers so is how she met Tania and her idea. In the last years she has been working on projects that make visible injustices derived from the social structure.


Iñaki Zurdo

Web/App developer, CTO

In an intimate relationship with my laptop. Ironically, I do not like coffee.


Born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain and programming since he was 15 years old. So is how he decided to complete his formation with training modules in web and multi platform development. Now he is well-versed in languages as PHP, ionic, JavaScript… He is an autodidact person, big dreamer of life and capable of learning. He loves innovation, to wake up early and ironically, does not like coffee. Coincidence or a destiny he met the ones that are more than projectmates.


Marta Negro

Marketing content creator

Traveling soul, lover of videos and blogging.


Born in Spain but considered a woman of the world. She has lived in Mexico, Colombia and Scotland, for the moment. She started self-taught in the world of marketing, she liked it so much that she decided to change her profession as a personal trainer in the world of video marketing. As an experienced traveler she can contribute a bit to this project. Currently, she is planning her return to the world using barter as currency exchange

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