HOW TO LIVE TRAVELING: Digital nomad women

HOW TO LIVE TRAVELING: Digital nomad women

We know it: you love traveling and would like to be able to do it more often. But if you do not have money problems, you don’t have time, do you?

Luckily for you and me, we are at the best moment in history to have an online business and travel the world at the same time. Do you think it’s a utopia? This is the reality of more and more women, commonly known as digital nomads.

In this article, we want to introduce you to 20 jobs that you can take with you as a digital nomad that allow you to have total time and, what is much more interesting, location freedom.


Do you like admin work? Are you communicative, organized and love reaching your goals? The tasks of a virtual assistant can vary enormously: from e-mail management and phone support to the creation of marketing campaigns and social networks, or even the accounting of your client.


Language teaching is another of the most popular jobs among digital nomads. Whether you want to teach your native language or any other language you master very well, you only need a good Internet connection to give the online class and that’s it. Create a good personal brand, be the best teacher possible in that language, increase your costumer base before leaving, and fly!



If you have great writing skills and you are fast training in different subjects, web writing is perfect for you. If, in addition, you are interested in web writing focused on the sale, copywriting is your thing. An ideal way to travel around the world, with your work in the suitcase.


Have you studied graphic design and are you tired of working for other people? Why not do it while you live somewhere else? Build your personal brand and work on what you like the most without having location or schedule issues.


We are more aware every time of how important is having a healthy mind, that’s why the job of psychologists and coaches is rising. If you would like to help improve the lives of people online, at your own pace and from wherever you want, these jobs are excellent options for you.


Thanks to the wonderful Internet boom, presence in social media has become absolutely essential for every business. If you like social networks and you want to help small, medium or large brands to have more presence on the Internet and achieve their goals, take a look at the terms social media manager and community manager.


Another one of the most popular jobs today. Whether you are working on web design or web development, you have a world full of possibilities to work remotely.

Right now, who does not have a website, does not exist. And that is a wonderful thing for you.


Yes, there is currently a huge competition in the blogging world but there are still many possibilities to succeed. If you are passionate about what you do, offer value and know how to connect with your ideal audience, there are a lot of ways to monetize your blogs / vlogs while traveling the world.


Although it is not a well-known profession, remote photo and video editing is a great option to take with you during your trips. You can work around the world while you have a good Internet connection and your clients send the files to you. You edit them, send them back, and that’s it!


Another one of the most popular jobs in the world of digital nomadism. You only need a nice Internet connection (and you can even work for a long time without it) and a constant flow of clients to work with. We want to remind you, also, that there is a great variety of types of texts (general, literary, audiovisual, legal, economic, scientific) so it is important that you focus one or two of them to find your ideal client.


Are you passionate about digital marketing? Why not put your knowledge at the service of others? You would help your clients grow in their businesses and projects, while you are doing what you like, from anywhere on the planet and with your own times.


We all like taking pictures during our trips but… have you ever considered it as a form of monetization? Well, that can be your daily life. There are several options: you can work directly for clients, sell your photos through image banks (and generate passive income, which is very interesting), offer special packs depending on where you are and even create online courses if you are already an expert photographer.


While it is not a well-known job in the digital world, being a remote accountant is an excellent way to generate online income for the number lovers.


If you love drawing, there are thousands of digital opportunities waiting for you. From having your own clients to opening an online store and selling your works passively. Learn about the possibilities and conquer the world!


Have you been traveling for years? Do you know all the tricks to travel comfortably and cheaply? Why do not you help plan the trips of others? You will have a great time, you will earn money and you will be able to do it from anywhere in the world!

We would also like you to see other possibilities to finance your trips along the way:


If you are working from an office but just need a computer and Wi-Fi connection to work, maybe it’s time to suggest it to your boss. There are thousands of people working remotely from anywhere in the world. Why could not you be the next one? Have that conversation that interests you so much!


Are you working in the world of tattoos and would you like to live traveling? No problem! Many people have dared to leave the comfort of their home to go around the world with their tools in tow.


If you are interested in passive income, the creation of info products may be attractive to you. Find a need and cover it through an online course, a PDF, a webinar, whatever. You can sell that knowledge as many times as possible and you have only worked once!


Sí, también hay cabida para los artistas en este mundo nómada. Puedes ser músico itinerante y tocar en diferentes lugares de donde te encuentres y si eres artista plástica, puedes vender tus obras de manera nómada por dónde vayas.


Although it is not a way to generate income per se, it is a great way to save a lot of money doing things you like. From Tripwoman, we recommend the Workaway platform to find the perfect volunteer jobs for you. There are thousands of options to discover: from taking care of animals and children, giving language classes, building ecological projects to working from the most remote places you can imagine.

If you are interested in knowing more about the world of digital nomads and how to work remotely and travel at the same time, from TripWoman we recommend you take a look at this super community of Chicas Nómadas Digitales. There you will find all the tools you need to be a digital nomad, guides of the best cities for NDs, interviews with different experts, you can create collaborations with other (future) digital nomadic girls and even participate in meetings that take place in your own city.



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