9 tips for solo female travellers

9 tips for solo female travellers

We heard many times that travelling alone being a woman is dangerous and we shouldn’t do it. However, it’s something we all should experience once in a lifetime. It is possible and it is pretty

And we now have a powerful tool for that. TripWoman is an international community
for women travellers that want to connect with other like-minded girls around the globe.
Solo travel will be “solo” travel from now on. Pick your place, go to the app and get
advice from local experts, find accommodation, share a car… We can now connect, chat
and help other girls on their trips.

Even if solo travelling is easier that what people might think, there are a few things we
always need to have in mind:

1. Where to go

Earth globe

Do you already know where you want to go? If not, find a place you feel comfortable
with… (or not). Don’t let fear limit you. Bad things can happen, but there are also
thousands of beautiful people out there that will inspire you and change the way you see
the world. You can choose: National Parks? Or cities that never sleep? Solo travel will
allow you to do whatever you want, in the way you want, whenever…

2. Get informed

Indian Woman reading

By using TripWoman you will have the chance to meet women that live there or know
the places you want to go very well. Find in the English forums what you need to know
about any location and get inspired even before you start planning your trip.
Doing a research before you go to a different country, especially if it’s located in a
different continent, will help you a lot. Cultural aspects (the dressing code, local
traditions, polite greetings), cost of life and rate exchange if it exists, best transport
options and best areas to book a place to stay. Plan a cool itinerary (and realistic) but
you might want to improvise. Who knows?

3. Packing

Girl with backpack

Even if it’s possible to travel with a suitcase with wheels, using a backpack could be a
clever idea for a light experience with all the basics you need to feel comfortable while
travelling. It all depends on your itinerary, the climate and the type of activities you
want to do. You will learn to prioritize your needs, and it will save you time and money

4. Language

Two girls speaking

English is one of the most spoken languages, and it’s official in many countries but,
depending on where you go, Spanish, Chinese or other languages might be more
important (at least the basics). In some countries for example, Spanish might be the only
way to communicate with the locals. While you are on the road, you will meet people
from all over the world and you will have the opportunity to learn a bit of their
languages. It’s super fun!

5. Security


Solo travel is safe, but of course, as in any other situation anywhere, there is a risk and
we shouldn’t trust 100%. We need to take precautions, like when we are at home.
Having some contacts in the area is always convenient, and that’s the purpose of
TripWoman, having contacts around to find support.
Security is very important, no matter where you are. Even if you have a suitcase or a
backpack, use a little locker so they cannot easily open it. The little bags that you hide
under your clothes might look a bit uncomfortable, but they are very useful. If
something happens with your luggage, you will always have the most important things
with you: money, passport and tickets. Remember to still have a copy of everything in
your email and printed. Don’t forget the insurance, if something happens it will cover
the cost of treatments (Which could be very expensive!) Check out if any colleague
from your country has a favourite company.

6. Orientation

Painted road

Having a good sense of orientation is advantageous. If you go for a walk try to
remember specific points as that could help you on your way back. Before you grab a
taxi, check the different routes yourself on a map.

7. Be connected

Girl with phone

Get a local SIM card when you arrive so you can do calls and be connected. You will
always have time to turn flight mode on… but Internet can be very handy sometimes.
Especially when having the app, because you could find other girls in the area and even meet
them and stay at their place.

8. Friends

Girls talking

Solo travel is not synonym of being alone. Ask in our forums what the best options are
as some of the girls could have been there before and know some little tricks.
Don’t feel shy, going out is a wonderful way to enjoy and discover new places.
Bartenders and waitresses are normally very kind and know the area very well. They
can be the best guides sometimes!

9. New emotions

People laughing

Solo travel is fascinating and intense. It’s just freedom. Freedom and yourself.
Loneliness and reflexion times will arrive. But dealing with them and learning from
them will make you stronger. Your priorities and needs will change. You will feel more
confident and unconsciously develop new skills while you travel.

If you are afraid of travelling solo, the best way to overcome fear is by booking a ticket
and getting your bag ready. See you somewhere! Safe trips.

TripWoman is a community of traveling women willing to help each other and exchange advice, experiences and accommodation. TripWoman will encourage women of ALL AGES to travel and minimize the fear of possible complications. The application is now available for ANDROID and for IPHONE.

Remember that you are not alone. In TripWoman you will find many women like you, willing to help you.

Do you want to travel alone but not alone? Download the TripWoman App, where you’ll find travelers like you.

iPhone – https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1437097540

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tripwoman.travel

Maria Siles

   Editorial director, MyTechLady. We are experts in providing business solutions for your company and we are delighted to work in mixed teams.
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  1. Excelente!!!
    Me encanta viajar!!!
    Y por fin voy a intentar hacerlo sola!!
    Gracias por los comentarios de mujeres que lo ha realizado. Allá voy mundo!!!!


    1. Gracias Maria! 😀
      Nos alegramos de que te animes a viajar sola ^^
      Verás que es una experiencia increible, y ahora encima cuentas con el apoyo de muchas mas que ya lo han hecho.

      Un abrazo muy grande,


    2. Genial María!
      Estaremos encantadas de escuchar tu historia cuando vuelvas
      Un abrazo



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