TripWoman• is a female traveler community willing to help each other and exchange tips, experiences and accommodation. TripWoman will encourage women OF ALL AGES to travel and minimize their fear of possible complications.



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On TripWoman you can find chats/forums in your language to speak with other women travelers before or after the trip, ask questions, get some tips/recommendations, meet other women, or simply share experiences. The languages we speak and the city we live in will be saved on our profiles to make easier the communication between us. Not to mention that only registered users can see the shared information and users profiles.

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Our Awesome Team

TripWoman is a community for women, made by women. Our founders are two Spanish travelers living in Berlin.


Tania Picado

Founder & CEO

Passionate traveler and truly itchy feet. Market research and PR


Becky Jaraiz

Graphic designer & CMO

Half robot half backpacker. Graphic design, web design and art direction.


Iñaki Zurdo

Web/App developer, CTO

In an intimate relationship with my laptop. Ironically, I do not like coffee.


Marta Negro

Marketing content creator

Traveling soul, lover of videos and blogging.


For women of ALL AGES, mothers that travel with children, women that are afraid of not speaking the language, women that are afraid of traveling alone, women that travel solo, women that want to travel solo, etc...



Do you have questions? Here are some of the most common questions that we ask in TripWoman. If you can not find the answer, get in touch with us.

#1 Why do we need a picture of your ID (Identity Document)?

We need to verify your identity for the registration, since it is only for women travelers. Your user will be pending until the administration approves and you won’t be able to access the sections where there may be sensitive data of TripWoman users. Once your identity is verified by the administration, a notice will be sent to you by mail and all the application's functionalities will be activated. After your data has been validated, the picture of your ID / passport will be deleted and will not be stored or disclosed or shared with third parties.

#2 How does the SOS button work?

Press this button if you feel intimidated, afraid or you are in an emergency situation. Your location and phone number will be sent to several users that are close to you and speak your language. You will be called back and if you don’t answer, the users agree to notify emergency services, such as authorities and communicate your name, last location and phone number. As the app is still being developed, it is the administration itself, the one who receives these emergency notifications. The non-responsible or improper use of this button will be penalized.

#3 How do I find women travelers in my destination

You can enter in the search bar usernames, countries or cities. Once you have sent a friend request and it has been approved, you can contact and chat with that user.


Can not find what you want to know, ask us any question